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         Pacific Northwest BBQ 

The Pacific Northwest is a clean region that we all try to keep as pure as possible. The Black Flag is from here. That is our heritage. While it is our joy to "borrow" techniques and flavors from other regions and countries, we feel an inherent responsibility to show those cultures respect by using only pure ingredients in our recipes. We do so by using ingredients you can pronounce and trust to put in your body. While we will never tell you our products are"good for you, We can say we strive to make them as safe for you as we can. they will taste great and be free of artificial sweetenersthickening agents and other ingredients you can't pronounce. 

We Promise.

                                          Our Commitment

Children in our local communities often go without daily essentials. A portion of our proceeds are donated to TreeHouse Seattle. If you are interested in donating directly, Go to

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