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'Bout Us

Our journey started with an invitation to the first annual BBQ Competition hosted by the Eagles club in 2010. We developed a dry rub and BBQ sauce in the weeks leading up to the competition and our first time out, we won. 18 other teams came to compete and team #14 would walk away victorious with the first place trophy and $400 cash. We adopted the name  "Team 14" to use in future competition. We competed in only two events but soon, a chance meeting would change the course of our ship...

A friendship began, a dream was conceived and after many, many bottles of rum, The Black Flag was born . The mission was simple. To bring a new type of cuisine to the market place and continue a long standing tradition. Destroy competition. We created a menu and took it to the streets of Tacoma and Puyallup and featured it in their farmers markets. We featured the ribs, rub and sauce that won in competition and it started a fire. Most folks that tried the ribs told us we had to put it in a bottle and sell it in stores. 

 To be continued. A new dream was born. We started out competing for the fun. The joy of connecting to and cooking for people took us to public markets and brought us together. The passion to win is always there but for us it was, and always will be about the journey and the story. It's about the smoke, the fire and the BBQ. It is always about grilling the world.

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